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Roderick James is the founder of Male Ability, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization that caters to youth males. His vision is to help build a strong foundation that will produce positive and healthy relationships among their peers and the community. Growing up east of Atlanta, in the Covington and Conyers areas, Roderick had many male role models  within the community that encompassed his father, grandfather, and the elders. They taught him the importance of self respect, respect for others, and that knowledge is power through education.  After being equipped with the tools to be a successful citizen, He went on to pursue a degree in electronics and computer science as well as business management. Roderick has been in the Electronic surveillance industry (public and private sectors ) for over 30 years.  After observing an incline in youth offensives among teenage males, he was determine to reach back to those youth that were in need of additional guidance. Roderick's passion is to instill self-worth and self-belonging in youth males through mentorship and speaking engagements.

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Broderick James